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"The Services Offered by BSTPortal.com are FREE Until Further Notice"

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B S T Portal.com

The Internet Link and Master Key to the Universal Market of Wholesale Distributors.

B S T Portal.com

Does not participate nor intercede in the sale or purchase of bearings between distributors.

The Company

BSTPortal.com: The success to globalization is the automation, consolidation and interchange of information among the participants.

BSTPortal.com primary objective is to structure projects to satisfy global needs throughout the conception of benefits, business solutions instead of the marketing of products.


BSTPortal.com has as an objective to offer to the bearing trade, the solutions, the centralized link tools, the Internet consolidation, to structure global trade and communications among and between wholesalers, importers, exporters, manufacturer representatives, and etcetera.


To create the infrastructure so that companies can develop new automated centralized commercial alternatives in the industry and also for compatible products in the worldwide market, by the most modern, dynamic and overwhelming means of communication, software and management solutions.

The Opportunity

BSTPortal.com offers to the wholesale market an automated formula, computer software, highly specialized to generate sales and the exchange of information without barriers throughout the international link of the Internet.

BSTPortal.com is a computerized marketing and sales software business solution that allows the automation of supply and demand and vice versa in the scope of trade globalization within the Internet.

Sales Automation

Technology development has caused the sprouting of new forms of trade and communication, which are more and more accepted by people in general, but mainly by the companies whose need of contact is constant with all and each one of the marketâ??s productive cells and components, in spite of their geographical location.

BSTPortal.com offers an international link service by means of the Internet for the sale and purchase of spare parts. The objective is to support the organizations in their commercial evolution throughout a universal network of specialized wholesalers in the industry so that they can communicate among them by way of the BSTPortal.com software developed to surpass the increasing necessities of todayâ??s commercial globalization process.

The Objective

BSTPortal.com has as its primary objective to offer the Internet interactive means of commercialization, to locate and affiliate the wholesale distributors to the compilation and data process systems within the worldwide marketplace. By the accomplishment of its objective, the interactivity among the membership network is consummated and the bilateral benefits are completed. The sale of benefits is developed as a substitution for the sale of products. The companyâ??s objective is fulfilled.

Market Coverage

Potential Geographical Locations ofBSTPortal.com:

Dubai Middle East and Africa
France Central Europe
Hong Kong Asia
Mexico Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean
Russia Eastern Europe
USA USA and Canada


A. BSTPortal.com es is the Master Key to contact the international spare parts market.

B. Promote your inventories, sales offers, special promotions, and auctions online to distributors alike, 24 24- Hours a day, 7-days a week and365-days per year.

C. BSTPortal.com is the Web Portal for the registration of the international demand and supply of spare parts for the exclusive use of distributors and manufacturers.

D. BSTPortal.com offers the answers to these questions among others:

1. Do you lack the required stock level or the spare part that was requested to your company?

2. The lead time from the manufacturer is too long and you cannot wait?

3. Do you wish to sell your surplus stock or slow turnover inventory items?

4. Is it your objective to buy and sell in other markets other than your own marketplace?

5. Are you seeking for new alliances to increase your market share and growth?

6. Would you like to export and import?

7. Are your purchase expectations in line with the buying opportunities shared by similar companies as yours?

B S T Portal.com:

1. A software and computer online system, simplified and user friendly for the Internet.

2. A service Portal Website, the international link, for the exclusive use of affiliated wholesale distributors and manufactures with 100% capabilities to complete online commercial transactions throughout a centralized automated point of contact with similar organizations in the scope of the universal bearing market.

3. The interactive hosting infrastructure and data management system to convey promote and complete sales transactions within the spare parts industry.

4. The means of contact among companies throughout specifically designed software programs so that the associated companies can develop new commercial alternatives in the bearing field and within other compatible products in the general interest of its members within the world marketplace.

5. The software that eliminates borders and distances between territories.. The portal by which inventories, sales, special promotions and auctions are offered by the affiliated wholesale companies, information that can be consulted, shared and displayed thru a concise, computerized and dynamic software business solution, a user friendly structure within the reach of all of its members. In synthesis, BSTPortal.com is the software that consummates the Internet globalization process.

6. An automated business solutionthat promotes sales among the joined members without their online participation.

7. The MASTER KEY to contactand interact within the international bearing marketplace 24-hours per day, 7-days a week and 365-days per year.


We appreciate your cooperation and patience while the spare parts and distributor affiliate database is structured within the international markets.

In reciprocity of your collaboration we submit the following affiliation proposal:


"The Services Offered by BSTPortal.com are FREE Until Further Notice"

Restrictions apply.


Test the BSTPortal.com software.

The Offer Includes Your Own Predesigned Website and FREE Hosting Within the BSTPortal.com Domain

Offer Valid Only For Annual Membership

BSTPortal.com provides exclusively the means of contact among companies and the hosting of data through specially designed software to record the demand and supply of spare parts. It also offers automated selling processes so that organizations can develop new commercial ties, and complete trade transactions among other activities. Its objective is to gather, centralize and register the demand and supply provided by the membership network. The inventories that form part of the database are posted thru the Internet throughout any of the following options:

I. Inventory

Items in general sold at normal prices.

II. Special Sales Offers:

Products to market at predetermined prices.

III. Special Promotions:

Inventory priced at very special prices.

IV. Auctions:

Spare Parts sold in lot sizes


How does the principal of BSTPortal.com work?

BSTPortal.com is the contact axis and throughout this link, trade globalization is accomplished among and between markets.

The market and commercial globalization of transactions is completed by means of BSTPortal.com.

Throughout the advance Internet technology, borders, territories and distances are eliminated. The inventories, sales offers, special promotions and auctions from the wholesalers that are linked by means of the online BSTPortal.com, software can be verified and the results displayed in a dynamic business solution, a concise and user friendly process available to all affiliated members.


21 Benefits of Affiliation

1. Test the system before signing up: a 30-Day FREE Trial Period.

2. Receive UP TO TWO MONTHS of FREE Membership for each associate recommended and signed thru the "Referral Program."

3. Subscribe FREE to the BSTPortal.com Newsletter and obtain three months of FREE Advertising.

4. Obtain a FREE predesigned Website and Hosting within the BSTPortal.com domain.

5. Receive UP TO ONE MONTH of FREE Membership for each associate recommended and signed thru the "Associate Program."

6. Pass on a 5% discount to those members affiliated thru the â??Associate Program - Tell a Friend.

7. Promote inventories, sales offers, special promotions, and auctions online to distributors alike,24- Hours a day, 7-days a week and 365-days per year.

8. Contact at a very low investment, wholesale bearing distributors within the international marketplace.

9. Advertise and close business transactions with companies in the same line of business.

10. Establish trade alliances with companies in other markets.

11. Buy, sell and Trade at sale or liquidation prices from or to similar sources of supply.

12. Have online access to a global centralized inventory.

13. Locate efficiently and at a low investment those products that are out of stock or depleted from the manufacturer or other primary sources of supply.

14. Have international exposure thru BSTPortal.com in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

15. Have access to links of interest related to the global bearing industry.

16. Access our CROSS REFERENCE TOOL (HISTORY OF DEMAND: Cross Information: Who and What Was Requested), which provides immediate access to the history of demand on specific inventories from the network of wholesale distributors affiliated with BSTPortal.com.

17. Be updated with the latest news regarding the international spare parts market.

18. Maintain an online contact thru the BSTPortal.com intranet with the affiliated distributor network.

19. Load an unlimited number of inventory lines into the BSTPortal.com database.

20. To have access after annual membership registration is completed at either of the BSTPortal.com websites, to the international wholesale network databases currently in bearings, automotive heavy duty spare parts, agricultural parts and heavy machinery.

21. Receive the services mentioned beforehand at the low U.S. dollar investment value of $150.00 per month or $1,800.00 Plus Multiple FREE Benefits with the annual membership.

Acquire the Maximum Savings and Benefits! Sign up now, one year membership for just $1,800.00 USD.

It includes 3 (three) additional months of FREE SERVICE, a SAVINGS of $ 450.00 USD Link:



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